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Hear What Our Customer Have To Say


Feedback from our customers is what makes us a better company. Here is recent feedback we have gotten on projects across the nation.

A National Retailer of Home Products and Apparel says:


We need our store brand look and feel to be consistent in every location across the US. The Inside Edge installers were in and out in no time and got the job right the first time. Clearly, they take the time to ensure that their installers know exactly what is expected, which means a lot less worry for me. We'll definitely call on them again.

Major discount
retailer says:


Finally, a flooring company that actually responds when you call! What an amazing thing! In our business, sometimes the unexpected happens and you need someone to answer your call - - even on weekends. Mother nature caused significant damage to our retail store and, thanks to the quick response of Inside Edge, we were able to get the damage cleaned up, the floors re-carpeted and open for business again in record time.

Multi-location US Retailer says:


When you acquire a chain of stores and need to do a major remodel nationally, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Sure enough, we had unexpected moisture issues arise. The labor experts at Inside Edge were proactive in assessing the situation, And presented a range of possible solutions. They helped us weigh the pros and cons and considered the risks to our business. We were impressed with their approach to moisture mitigation and how quickly they were able to help us resolve the situations so that we could get up and running. It’s refreshing to work with a company that has that level of expertise.

National Senior
Living Chain says:


We needed a flooring partner that understood the complexity of working in an occupied space and could get the job done efficiently because we had a condensed timeframe to get the remodel done. We needed to quickly upgrade our facility, but needed a flooring installer that understood the sensitivity of working in our assisted living environment where our residents live. The Inside Edge team were not only responsive, but they were professional and respectful. They paid attention to detail and I think our residents even enjoyed watching them complete the installation! Their on-site execution was well orchestrated and went so smoothly for us!