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Polished Concrete Educational Series: Proper Maintenance and Care

As we enter a new retail year, its important to take some steps to protect your investment in polished concrete floor. Like any surface, regular cleaning and periodic buffing helps maintain the luster or regain some of the luster lost from traffic and wear. During the winter months, some regions also have the degrading effects […]

Polished Concrete Educational Series: Are Your Floors a Good Candidate for Polished Concrete?

Different types of concrete finishes have become increasingly popular. From a decorative stained concrete floor to a natural polish. The aesthetic value of a polished finish on an existing slab provides customers with a beautiful environment that is low maintenance and safe. Its no wonder that finished concrete slabs have been replacing more traditional choices […]

Project Management & Technology

In any construction project, big or small, there is always an abundance of moving parts that require effective project management and problem solving. Whether it’s coordinating logistics, installation teams or project schedules, seamless project management is needed every step of the way to ensure success. At Inside Edge, we leverage our technology to keep us […]

Top 5 Commercial Flooring Trends

IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Northland recently hosted Minnecon at Target Field right here in Minneapolis. This one-day tradeshow featured some of the newest commercial interior design trends and product innovations. We got to meet up with some of our manufacturer partners and check out the recent trends in the commercial flooring industry. Here are […]

Silica: The Silent Danger in Concrete

When people think of the dangers in construction, they often think of people falling off buildings, falling items landing on workers, and misuse of power tools. It turns out one activity that people often take for granted on a construction site, breathing, can be dangerous too. After years of research and investigation, OSHA has deemed […]

Moisture Mitigation

How Does Moisture Affect Your Floor? The presence of moisture within a concrete slab is one of the most common causes of adhesive and floor covering failure in the flooring industry today. Tripping hazards, unsightly curling and bubbling and a weak floor surface can all be linked to high moisture. These failures raise questions about […]

Fixture Moving 101

In the retail industry, closing a store for a day can mean thousands in lost revenue, dozens of angry customers and lots of stress for all parties involved. Unfortunately, many companies face that challenge whenever they need to renovate their stores. They’re forced to move an entire store out, overhaul what needs to be renovated […]

How to Write a Flooring Installation RFP

Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be tricky, if not done effectively the outcome will not provide you with the intended result. The goal for an RFP is to find a partner that can provide you the level of service that you need at the value you are willing to pay. There are many […]