High Quality Installation

As the nation’s leader in flooring services, our highly experienced project managers keep a close eye on every detail to ensure smooth and seamless execution. They work hard to understand our national customers’ quality expectations to deliver each and every time. Thorough inspections before, during and after result in flooring projects that are done right the first time.

Minimal Interruptions

Construction noise and equipment in an office can be a distraction to employees, and a hindrance to their ability to conduct business. We operate almost exclusively outside of business hours. If we ever do have to work during the day, we make sure to keep our work contained and away from any day-to-day operations.

Variety of Flooring

Board rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, and more each require unique materials and unique installation. Our highly trained labor network has the ability to install flooring in every part of your building with the highest quality.

See what our customers are saying!

Finally, a flooring company that actually responds when you call! What an amazing thing! Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need someone to answer your call – even on weekends. Mother nature caused significant damage to our corporate office and thanks to the quick response of Inside Edge, we were able to get the damage cleaned up, the floors re-carpeted and resume normal business activities in record time.

– A National Corporate Customer