Top 5 Commercial Flooring Trends

As seen at IIDA Northland’s Minnecon 2018

IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Northland recently hosted Minnecon at Target Field right here in Minneapolis. This one-day tradeshow featured some of the newest commercial interior design trends and product innovations. We got to meet up with some of our manufacturer partners and check out the recent trends in the commercial flooring industry.

Here are the top 5 trends we noticed…

Neutrals & Grays aren’t fading away

This timeless trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With flooring being so permanent – it is important for commercial designs to be versatile and timeless. Commercial spaces are looking to create the feel of home with warm, neutral colors that are inviting and aesthetically pleasing to the customer.

Bringing the Outside In – Nature Inspired Looks

In talking to the flooring manufacturers, many of them explained the inspiration behind their designs and more than once it was inspired by nature. From storms to lakes to the northern lights, interior designers are bringing the outside in. Natural earthy tones and wood looks are everywhere. In addition, we saw a large focus on using eco-friendly and sustainable materials as manufacturers look to become more environmentally conscious.

The 80’s are back – Primary Colors and Jewel Tones are making a comeback

Don’t be fooled by all the neutral and earth tones around because color is making a comeback! Commercial clients are looking to liven up their spaces with color, whether it’s to represent their brand or just to create an eye-catching design. Designers are playing off the neutral tones and not-so-subtle pops of color to liven them up. Different tones of primary colors and jewel tones are among the most popular colors we saw.

Wood, Tile, or LVP? Who can tell the difference?

Technological advancements and innovations have allowed for the rare and beautiful natural selections of marble, limestone and wood to be easily replicated in different types of flooring. Whether it’s tile or LVP, the introduction of digital printing has allowed manufacturers to realistically portray other materials that would usually come at a much higher price and be much more difficult to maintain. This trend isn’t necessarily new this year, but it is continuing to evolve as the designs are becoming more realistic and believable.

Word of the Day: Movement

Movement everywhere! Designers are infusing energy into commercial spaces through the use of colors and patterns. Manufacturers are responding by offering clients wide ranges of color pallets, striking designs, and varying textures to create eye-catching movement within commercial spaces.