Fixture Moving & Installation

Re-branding a chain of stores required fixture moving, demolition, and installation.

A leading party supplies retailer had recently acquired a new chain of stores and needed to rebrand them. This rebrand called for replacing the existing carpet with VCT. However, they had heavily merchandised shelves that needed to be moved to accomplish this and they didn’t want to spend the time or money de-merchandising the store only to move it all back in a few days. Inside Edge offered a seamless solution, with patented fixture moving equipment and installation expertise to get the fixtures moved safely and the job done right.

In over 50 nationwide locations, Inside Edge utilized its Fixture Moving Equipment to safely move fully merchandised fixtures, demo existing carpet, replace it with new VCT and move the fixtures back into place. The customer was amazed at how seamless the conversion was and they were very pleased with the end result.